Meet the Author

Meet the Author

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Meet Carol Lamberg

Carol Lamberg has worked for over five decades to create high quality affordable housing and to advocate for effective government housing programs. She was Executive Director of the nonprofit Settlement Housing Fund from 1983 until 2014. She was also staff director and co-founder of the New York Housing Conference. She retired after completing a joint venture with New York City to develop a public school complex that included a community center with a swimming facility, a dance studio, a green roof educational garden and more. This was located a block from Settlement Housing Fund’s affordable housing in the Bronx, which, beginning in 1989, transformed a former burned out, abandoned neighborhood into a thriving mixed-income community. Most of the buildings that she helped to develop throughout New York City were mixed-income family buildings, with tenants who had been formerly homeless, as well as others with low and moderate incomes. She has also drafted successful amendments to federal and state housing legislation. Her work started with affordable housing and then included developing community programs, commercial facilities and whatever it took to create a viable community.

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